NASA Space Missions!

With The University : Third place
With Montgomery College: First Place

Nasa Swarmathon Mission.

      Logarithms to revolutionize space exploration. The students are developing and testing algorithms that could one day be used in NASAs Mission to Mars. Robots are needed for In situ resource utilization (ISRU) by collecting materials such as water ice and useful minerals from the Martian surface to be used by astronauts who land on Mars in future missions. Swarmies are small robotic vehicles measuring approximately 30 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm.

      Each Swarmie is equipped with sensors, a webcam, GPS system, and Wi-Fi antenna. They operate autonomously and can be programmed to communicate and interact as a collective swarm. The Third Annual Swarmathon will occur in April, 2019 at NASA Kennedy Space Center. Students from Minority Serving Universities and Community Colleges are encouraged to apply and compete. Students will be challenged to develop search algorithms for robotic swarms. Swarmathon participation will: improve students skills in robotics and computer science and further advance technology for future NASA space exploration missions.

Koudo to my freinds from the University of New Mexico!

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